Friday, December 28, 2018

Table Topics Master Ideas for Toastmasters

Hi All,

Today I played the role of a TableTopics Master in Wipro BEATS Toastmasters club. It was a part of my project in pathways Level 3 project. The objective of the project being "Active Listening". Its one of the electives. I am planning to finish all the electives in this project, for the experience of it.

I started by saying that your mind is a blackbox. The TableTopics session helps to get amazing things out of it by throwing in some random topics.

Theme: Having a theme is really important for a TT session. I used the theme of famous dialogues from Movies. I had the following dialogues:

  1. Its not who I am, but what I do, that defines me
  2. Why so Serious
  3. Jaa Simran Jaa, Jee le apni Zindagi (to which, the speaker responded, I don't know who is Simran and where she is going !?)
  4. We are in captivity of negativity, prisoners of our own minds
  5. You are the product of your past, not a prisoner of it
  6.  Dread it, Run From it, but destiny still arrives
  7. With great power, comes great responsibility

The response from the audience was amazing. I urge any member of Toastmasters, if you are taking a TTM role, please try and do something different!

Make an impact with every topic that you offer.


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