Friday, July 28, 2017

Attended a toastmasters meeting in Sunnyvate

Visit to Orbiters TM Club meeting

As a toastmaster by passion, I loved visiting a toastmasters club in Mountain View on 16th Feb.

It was a very unique toastmasters meeting.  The club was chartered in 1959 (wow!).

Met the president of the club Frank Chen. I was astonished to know that he has completed his competent communicator journey 5 times! Yes, you heard that right. 5 times.

Wait, it does not end here, he has also completed the Technical Speeches manual — 10 Times

The club has its own awards as well. 

Innovative Award created by the club
  • Bone award -- This is an award given to person who does not give any constructive points of improvement in his speech evaluation. (I dread to ever receiving this one)

Special About the meeting:

When the awards are being announced, everyone created a drumroll
Rolling trophy
Appreciated the person who secured the room
Voting — when new members joined, they went out, and all the existing members did voting if the new members should be allowed or not.

Amazing speech by a half blind person CC1

I also got to witness the following contests:

International tabletopics contest

International Speech contest

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